Our #1 goal is to help you earn some extra cash from home by taking surveys. To achieve our goal, we provide you with:

  • A free directory of legitimate survey panels that pay cash
  • Detailed reviews of survey panels
  • Tips to help you make the most money taking surveys
  • Answers to common questions regarding paid surveys
  • And much more..

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How it Works

Many companies around the globe need your opinion to help shape and mold new products or services & to improve products and services that are already on the market.

Your opinion is valuable to these companies. They can gather information that will help them reduce advertising expenses and accomplish their goals of creating and maintaining products that are profitable in their market.

In order for companies to get the feedback that they need from the right people, they pay big bucks to market research companies.

Through market research companies like Ipsos, consumers get a chance to get rewarded for their opinion. Survey incentives vary but in general, consumers can be rewarded with cash, free goods or services, redeemable points, and/or sweepstakes entries for surveys that they successfully complete.

Proof it Works

A check sent by Survey Savvy – one of the most reputable survey panels in the industry.

You can find more payment proofs like this one throughout the site.


  • Earn cash via check, PayPal, or Prepaid debit card
  • Earn other rewards like gift certificates from major online retailers
  • Take surveys whenever you want
  • Receive freebies sent straight to your mailbox
  • Earn chances to win big cash in sweepstakes and contests
  • Influence the development of products & services

Why Trust Us?

From the Website Owner – A Stay at Home Mom and Experienced Survey Taker

 “I have been taking surveys off and on over the course of 4 years. I was in your spot once before – looking for a legitimate opportunity to earn some extra cash from home for free.

I did extensive research, signed up with quite a few survey panels and learned some tips over the years that helped me earn some extra income from taking online surveys.

I want to share everything I have learned over the years with you so that you don’t have to spend countless hours researching information about this opportunity. I truly want to help you put some extra cash in your pocket.

The economy is rough and even a little bit can help out in these times. Taking surveys won’t make you rich but you can earn extra money for small bills, gas, etc.

If you are skeptical, don’t worry. I was too at first. This website is here to inform you about the legitimate side of the paid survey industry. You won’t find outrageous claims or paid survey scams on this website.”

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